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Circular products out of dredged sediment

"We show that even dredged sediments are of enormous value in the new economy."

Waterpassing tiles out of dredged sediments

Waterweg has been developing a water-passing tile made of dredged material since 2018. This has been developed on a lab scale and tested in various pilots. The tiles are the solution for flooding in the city and are made from an abundance of residual flow from Dutch rivers and canals. By producing the tiles in large quantities, a large part of the Dutch dredged material can ultimately be used. In addition, the paving is climate-adaptive. When it rains, water can sink into the ground instead of ending up in the sewer system.

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We have developed a process for pre-processing dredging sludge and for preparing dredging tiles. Production at scale requires a circular manufacturing industry, we are currently working hard on scaling up the production process with our consortium. For now, Waterweg has stopped doing small-scale pilots and productions. If you have a golden tip, empty concrete factory or an idea to accelerate upscaling, please email us.

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