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Pilot projects

In a pilot project, we will work together to deliver a product. A pilot can last between a few months or a whole year. We conduct independent research into every specific aspect of the water-passing tiles of sludge. We like to look beyond the water passing tile and research different products than just the pavement.


You can find more information about pilot projects we are currently working on here.


If you are interested in a pilot with us, feel free to reach out.


Participate in tenders

Do you have a surplus of sludge for us? We are happy to participate in tenders. Together with a contractor, we offer an innovative solution for the sludge surplus in your project. With at least part of your sludge, we will produce tiles to be delivered somewhere.

We are currently doing this with Verboon Maasland and Baggerbedrijf Midden-Nederland.


Send us an email here in case you are interested. 


Lectures / workshops

Waterweg has developed a mobile factory with which we can quickly and clearly provide insight into what we do. Everyone can make their own tile in our transformed cargo bike. We can tell the story of climate adaptation and the circular economy at a fair or festival or teach a class in front of the classroom. We believe that sustainability is about more than just a product, to achieve climate-adaptive cities, we must also inspire people, users, or students.

The mobile factory can be used at fairs, schools, or during a dredging project to communicate what dredge is, and how you produce it into a high-quality product.

Do you want a workshop, lecture, or installation on location? Request a quote here.

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