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The circular dredging and construction industry is and must be economically feasible by looking at our waste streams differently. We show that things can be done circularly, by doing it together. We want to transform the global dredging and construction chain into a sustainable and circular chain. Together we make circular and high-quality products from dredged material for a future-proof city.


Since 2018, Waterweg has been developing climate-adaptive paving from dredged material. The stone, successful pilots, and collaborations are there. And now we're going to take the next, and bigger steps. We must work together towards a circular dredging chain to build on a large scale with dredging sludge. We are doing this in collaboration with dredging and construction sector in the Netherlands, in the circular dredging consortium.


Watch the video for more information. Do you want to read more? For more information look here

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